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Newman & Wright have embarked on a new project.
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Cariboo Gold Rush Backstory

When we began to shoot this story Amy heard me speak about
 Col. John Van Houten at Brunkow mine, near Tombstone Arizona:
“You know,  it matters. It matters that we come to this place and pay some kind of homage to this Barkervillian, to Colonel John Van Houten who had his face bashed in, until he was dead - by Frank Stillwell.

"It matters because no one in Barkerville even knows his name. He was one of us. He was one of the miners in Barkerville … and we don’t even know his name.
This is where he died, right here. John Van Houten, a Barkerville miner.”

"We have to shoot that," she said. "You have to say it again."

Help us remember these pioneers lives.

Support this campaign.


Cariboo Gold Rush Backstory is a series of short videos telling the back stories, the hidden stories, the later stories, of the men and women who made the British Columbia Cariboo Gold Rush and Barkerville such a significant part of their lives.

We know the men and women who were here on Williams Creek, but where did they come from? Who were they? Where did they go? Their stories did not begin or end here in Cariboo and unearthing their full story makes their life and our understanding of them more complete.

Who knew that Cariboo's Doc Keithley of the famed Keithley Creek later ran for mayor in Deadwood in the Black Hills? Who knew that Capt Jack Crawford, a former partner of Buffalo Bill Cody lived in Barkerville for a year and wrote poems about the people of this place? Cariboo miner Col. John Van Houten was murdered in Tombstone by Wyatt Earp's nemesis Frank Stillwell and mill owner and Cariboo miner John Adams shot a constable in Tombstone?

These stories and more are the basis of the Cariboo Gold Rush Backstory project.

Richard Wright and Amy Newman
have been telling the stories of British Columbia's Cariboo gold rush for decades. As Newman & Wright Theatre Company they have been operating Barkerville's Theatre Royal for 11 years. Here they have written, acted and produced 25 different shows about this time and place.
As an author and historian Richard has written 23 books, most of these on the history of the Cariboo. He has filmed 14 shows for CBC on a variety of subjects and has worked on several films shot in the Cariboo. He excels at bringing history alive. One of his projects was to bring back camels to Barkerville - after 150 years. He operates Winter Quarters Productions.

As an artistic director, actor, writer, costumer and performer Amy has developed a deep understanding of the people and the culture of the time. Her stage work is remarkable in its authenticity.

Together, their gold rush knowledge is seldom equaled.
Now they are combining their skills to film and produce Cariboo Gold Rush Backstory -  short videos telling the hidden stories of the men and women who made the gold rush part of their lives, as Richard and Amy have done.

What We Need & What You Get

This funding will allow us to complete two pilot films of 5-10 minutes. Examples are:

The story of Cariboo miner Col. John Van Houten who was murdered in Tombstone, Arizona by an enemy of Wyatt Earp - who then avenged his death.

The story of  Barkerville miner John Adams who shot and killed a constable in Tombstone and was sentenced to years in Yuma State Prison, Arizona.

The story of Scot Jessie Heatherington, a vigilante's wife - murdered in Richfield, B.C. in 1862.

The pilot videoing is 80% complete. We need funds to finish the video, hire an editor and lay down music tracks.

This will cost $2500.

We will then be in a position to begin fundraising for another 10 episodes, the website and further production. These next 10 will include stories of Barkervillians and the Overlanders of 1862, who crossed Canada to the gold fields.

These films and project will have their own Website; a Vimeo channel, a Facebook presence, and, be available on DVDs to promote Barkerville and its people.

If we do not raise the entire amount we will use the amount raised to move the editing and pilots forward toward production. Should we raise more than the campaign amount the funds will go toward the next full production phases, estimated at $20,000.

The Impact
Your funding and support will make this project possible.

For those interested in this important part of Canadian history these short videos will tell more of the Canadian story and give a deeper understanding of the people and  their time.

Having produced 11 years of theater in declining economic time; having written and published 23 books; and having filmed 14 half-hour films for CBC in the past, the proponents have a solid track record.

Your financial support will make this happen.

Risks & Challenges
The risks are few, the challenges surmountable.

The research is complete. The stories unearthed.

The major challenge is funding in a depressed heritage economy. This is where you can help. Dollars and support will make this happen.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute you can still help by passing the word to those who can. Make some noise for us!

Indiegogo has share tools.

Or, perhaps you or your business can offer in-kind support or services from fuel to film (digital!), from web design to editing.

And, we are looking for potential corporate sponsors episodes.

If you have an idea drop us a comment.

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