Friday, July 26, 2013

Boardwalk Barking - Theatre Royal, Barkerville

Newman & Wright at Theatre Royal, Barkerville

This video shows the Theatre Royal, Barkerville, boardwalk barking. Everyday [except Thursday] at 12:45 p.m. the Lafont & Ward Theatrical Troupe present a preview of our show. Many folks photograph and video the boardwalk show we we decided to make our own version.
The video is reduced to web resolution at 12 frames, not 30. For a better version try our Facebook page: Theatre Royal, Barkerville.  Then Share and Like.

Left to right: Miss Rose - Box Office Manager, (Windsong Whitehead); Miss Lily Lafont (Amy Newman); Ella Montez (Alison Jenkins); Tom Lafont (Don Nelson); Ned Ward (Graeme Thompson). Missing is Jim Hodgkinson our Musical Director and pianist. FOH Stan Hack makes just a brief appearance on the right.
For bios on the actors and a schedule of our shows see the PDF of our program on our webstie home page.
Hope to see you at the shows.

Credits: Video - Richard T. Wright
Produced by Newman & Wright Theatre Co.
Copyright: Richard T. Wright 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Revisiting the story of Col. John Van Houten

Amy Newman at Brunkow cabin were Van Houten was murdered by Frank Stillwell.
A couple of years ago we wrote an article on Barkerville miner Col. John Van Houten, a failed Victoria merchant who found himself trying to make good in the silver fields of Arizona, around Tombstone.  He was murdered here by Frank Stillwell at a place referred to as the "Brunkow Cabin and Mine." Wyatt Earp, perhaps unknowingly, avenged Van Houten when he killed Frank Stillwell at Tucson a few years later.
This spring Amy and I found the site and revisited Van Houten's grave. I have written about this on my blog. Google's blogger will not allow reposting of blogs in an effort to avoid plagarism, so I cannot repost the article here. The story of this visit is at my blog:
If you are interested in another story about Barkerville miners backstory you will enjoy this ongoing research tale.

The grave of Col. John Van Houten in Boothill Cemetery, Tombstone Arizona.

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