Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 2012 Costume season for Theatre Royal, Barkerville begins

Costuming is always an issue for Theatre Royal
Floor level - A dancer's view of looking for shoes - Amy Newman

So here I am looking for a new pair of tap shoes for our Theatre Royal, Barkerville shows.
It makes for a good example of why Canada still trails in the laws of supply and demand. I have spent hours online and out and about, trying to find a new pair of dance/tap shoes. 
Eventually, I came to the decision to just go ahead and order a new pair of Capezios, as they are tried and true. I know the fit, the sizing, etc. as I have been wearing Capezios all my life for performing in shows. I looked into getting regular street shoes made into tap shoes because I found a pair of lovely, sturdy, not too high, dress shoes that would be beautiful. But after discussion with a shoe repair guy yesterday, I found that it would cost an additional $100 or so to convert. That on top of $100 for the shoes and I was looking at $200 plus. No dice. Too much money. 
I have also been haunting the thrift stores for the past few months. Sometimes you can get lucky and find something suitable. Mind you, it's such a specific type of shoe that I was looking for.... Last night (after many hours out on this errand and online) I went ahead and ordered these beauties.

Online photos of the Capezio shoe.
Because they are not the standard Capezio character shoe, they are virtually unavailable in Canada. Even dance shops in Toronto don't stock them. OK, so I hunt online for them. 
After price-shopping different dancewear sites in the U.S., I accidentally hit upon the best price available from – wait for it – Just makes me shake my head. They are common enough in the US that you can buy them from Amazon? And yet they are virtually unavailable across this massive country of ours. Go figure. 
This style of character shoe (called "Manhattan") should come in at about $80 CA (with taps included, already "installed"; also including duty/taxes, etc) 
a great price, compared to the $110–$125 it would cost to have them ordered through The Dance Shop or even from other boutique dancewear sites in the US.

It gets me out of the extremely used pair of tap shoes which I have been using off and on for the past 10 years. Those shoes were old when I got them from my sister Sue ages ago (someone had given them to her and she passed them on to me). The new tap shoes should be here in about 2/3 weeks. I can't wait!

Now, on to looking for costumes for our new WCFB Radio Show.

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  1. I just found your blog! I really like it! Keep it up.
    I love oldfashioned costume shoes just as these. I could see my mother being able to pull these off :)