Monday, August 29, 2011

Theatre Royal Barkerville and lederhose

In this year's "Gold Rush Revue" at the Theatre Royal we present an old classic that was performed on the stage of the Theatre Royal in 1871, Septimus Winner's "Der Deitcher's Dog", written in 1864.
 "Der Deitcher's Dog", or "Oh Where, oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone", is a text that Winner set to the German folk tune "Im Lauterbach hab'ich mein' Strumpf verlorn", which recorded massive sales during Winner's lifetime.

The first verse of "Der Deitcher's Dog" is particularly noteworthy as its first verse has become a popular nursery rhyme and is familiar to most of us.

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his ears cut short, and his tail cut long,
Oh where, oh where is he?

This year the song is lead by Brendan Bailey.  We put him in our best "lederhose" - a pair of cotton shorts as we found that real leather Barvarian lederhose were beyond our costume budget. We did check them out when Amy and I were in Germany and Austria this spring but decided to pass.

Now, the Gold Rush Review opened on June 18th, to uproarious applause of course.  And away we went and each day at 1 pm Brendan would dance and cavort his way across the stage and through the audience looking for his lost dog.

Richard Wright photo

But - Brendan was sad, as not only had he lost his dog to a sausage factory but his "lederhose" were less than spectacular.

Then, on August 25th a parcel arrived from Solms, Germany, just a few miles from Butzbach and Nieder-Weisel where Amy and I had visited the home of Katrina Haub, a Barkerville hurdy gurdy dancer (who Amy portray's in the same show.).

Inside was a beautiful pair of "lederhose", and a letter which read:

Dear Theatre;
We had the pleasure to watch the opening of your new theatre season on June 18th. The Revue was so funny we had tears in our eyes.
But there was one thing we were not satisfied with: The pants your dear German dog owner were wearing were far from authentic!  And so to support your theatre please feel free to accept these Lederhosen as our gift to you!
Yours Bede Schild
Christian Schulz

What a fantastic gift!  We were all so excited Brendan put them on in front of the whole cast - they fit beautifully - and he used them in the next and all subsequent shows.

Thank you so much folks!  This was a wonderful gift and will remain an important part of our costume department. 
It is this kind of support that keeps us all going.
We are so pleased you enjoyed the show. Tears of laughter are our greatest reward.
Thanks from the whole cast.

Richard and Amy

Now Brendan is a happy dog owner - or former dog owner.
Richard Wright photo

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  1. Beate and ChristianSeptember 7, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    We are happy that our parcel arrived at Barkerville safely and that the Lederhose fits perfect.. We also wanted to send you a postcard from Nieder-Weisel but there were no postcards available..
    Best greetings from Solms Beate and Christian