Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meadowbrook Cart Ride near Barkerville, B.C.

Meadowbrook Cart Ride near Barkerville, B.C.

Well, this is a little late in posting, but I finally had time to do some editing of a few video clips Amy took on her iPhone of our cart rides this season.  (see link below)
We put on close to 100 km with the cart and Babe this summer.  A great way to travel. They say you can ride until you're 70 and drive (a team that is) until you're 90, so I'm good for a while yet.

Grandson Ollie and I at Amy's apartment after a 20 km ride. Amy Newman photo.

Lunch time at the Cornish Mountain loop junction. 
Ollie's least favorite part was Babe's "gassing off", but he is a great companion. 
He learned to ride in Dubai. Richard Wright photo.

We choose this Meadowbrook cart in part because we know this type was used in Barkerville in the early years, as evidenced by the photo below of Josiah and Laura Beedy. (Laura was a Lindhard, born in Denmark and Josiah an American. He was on Williams Creek by 1863 and they were married in Van Winkle in 1871.)

Josiah and Laura Beedy with one-horse cart and light driving harness. Note the large wheels.

One advantage of riding and driving is that wildlife pays less attention to us. 
This moose was on the Cornish Mountain loop, my favorite cart ride. Richard Wright photo.

The road to Roundtop from the Cariboo Hudson mine is one of the most difficult we have found, verging on impassable for the cart. The hills are steep and rough, but fortunately short. Once we hit alpine the road was fine and the views great.  Richard Wright photo.

While the view is spectacular it was shrouded in smoke from the Chilcotin fires. 
Clouds of horseflies meant lunch was just a short break. Richard Wright photo.

Another ride took us up Sawmill Creek from Antler Creek, through two fords, 
to the pass into the Swift River at Littler's Meadow. 
The flies were so bad Babe could not stand still. Richard Wright photo.

The iPhone video would not load to this blog site for some unknown reason, so here is a direct link to the You Tube posting:

The vertical format of the iPhone is a little unusual, but it actually works well for the road and Babe. The hill is actually very steep which is why Babe is stepping so carefully. I walked her up but found I had more control by driving her down.
We have another list of routes to try next season - stay tuned.

Copyright 2010, Richard Wright and Amy Newman

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