Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Theatre Royal, Barkerville spring tour 2011

Well, here we go again!
Despite a summer of declining revenues and in the face of a distinct lack of funding we have nevertheless decided to mount a 2011 Spring Tour.  We all need the work and the theatre needs the promotion. The tour will need to be carefully managed for travel and budget but we feel we can pull it off.  We decided to go ahead after a couple of venues where we have played before asked us to return.  And, this fall is so much fun working with a great cast comprised of Amy, Robert, Marcello, Elliott, Matt and myself that we find it hard to put it all to bed. What a team!
Our dates are set for March but we have not decided on a route yet. Likely we will begin here in Wells, where we have cheap accommodation and rehearsal space. Our goal is go as far into the Peace country as we can. If you know anyone up there have them give us a shout.
Right now we are looking for venues and sponsors.
For now, here is our News Release. Stay tuned for more information and venue dates.

Gold Rush Nuggets tour
Theatre Royal, Barkerville –Spring Tour - March 2011
The popular Theatre Royal cast, under Newman and Wright Theatre Company from Barkerville Historic Town, is harnessing up and rolling through British Columbia on another provincial tour.
 “Each year we tour the province to perform in over 20 venues for more than 5000 people. Again this year we are taking the road to the hinterlands,” says producer Richard Wright. “We will travel from our home base in Wells, B.C. north, east, south and west, from small, intimate venues to large theatres. Everywhere we perform we have good houses and leave them all with a smile. This tour is called ‘Gold Rush Nuggets’, a selection of some of the best material from seven years of shows, plus some new ones.”
            The tour goal, he says, is to bring the music of the goldrush to folks around the province. Our secondary goal is to promote Barkerville as a tourist destination, to take a little of the Theatre Royal and Barkerville to BC communities.
            “Our shows bring back a lot of memories for folks,” says musical director and partner Amy Newman. “They recall visits to Barkerville or remember the music we perform. A couple of years ago in Port Alberni we met a man who was celebrating his 88th birthday. He was born in Barkerville in 1920 in the old Cariboo Hospital.”
“The most common comment from folks is that they have not laughed or sung so much in years,” adds Wright.  “That’s a great accomplishment,” says Wright. “We all take pride in bringing a light entertaining moment to folks, particularly with the depressing news we hear on the nightly news.”
The show focuses on material actually sung on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Barkerville. The Theatre was built in 1869, right after the Great Fire of 1868, but before that time performances were held in the Parlour Saloon. The music includes tunes that were popular as B.C. was entering Confederation, songs that tell the story of Barkerville. It also moves into the later years of the Theatre with rollicking songs and humour associated with the great British Music Hall era. All of the performers are masters of this era and bring a great evening of entertainment, explains Newman.
“In historic terms one might say ‘The cast of the Newman & Wright Theatrical Troupe presents an array of magnificent musical numbers, engaging sketches, fantastical farces, romantic interludes and ostentatious olios. We bring you the best thespians and musicians that money can buy, direct from the music halls, theatres and grand stages of London, New York, San Francisco and Victoria,’” she says.
The tour is now being planned as dates and venues come in. Anyone interested can contact the company through Richard Wright.